The Gallery at Sun Mountain Lodge: Summer Art Show Begins June 22

The Gallery at Sun Mountain Lodge is humming with scenes of flowering fruit trees, birds caught in sunbeams, shimmering waterways and even a highly charged power line. An opening reception for this eclectic summer show is on June 22 from 4-6 PM.

Folks can meet the seven artists and curators who have created this terrific show and get the inside scoop on their work. Refreshments are on hand for a little post-play, pre-dinner nibble.

The seven artists who make up the 2014 summer show expertly transfer their unique Methow experience onto canvas. Jenn Tate, Bob Hutchins and Sharol Chandler are new to The Gallery at Sun Mountain Lodge, while returning artists Donna Keyser, Kathy Meyers, Cheryl Wrangle and Sue Marracci offer new work for sale.


2014-06-04 09.50.24Jenn Tate’s paintings are bold and expressive. There may be a horse or a raven on the surface, but they exist in a dreamlike world rather than being tethered to the here and now. Tate’s alter ego in the graphic/web design world might seem distant, but the compositions expose a gifted designer behind the powerful emotion.





2014-06-04 09.55.48Bob Hutchins is all about the here and now. He’s a plein air painter and neighbor of Sun Mountain Lodge who completes his oil paintings in one session on site! His subjects are often recognizable and seem to tug at the heartstrings because of their intimacy and familiarity. His creations can evoke the scent and warmth of a pine needle covered hillside, the stillness of a calm day on Patterson Lake or the effort and reward of hiking up a sunflower laden hill.




2014-06-04 09.51.31Sharol Chandler is a rock climber, and is attracted to those intense mountain places in her art as well. She captures the look and the feel of the rocky crags and high mountain lakes ringed with larch. She ranges beyond mountain vistas in her beautiful depiction of trees in bloom. It’s easy to be transported to the buzzing warmth of a springtime orchard.





Our returning band of prolific Methow Valley painters bring strong new work to the gallery walls. Sue Marracci and Cheryl Wrangle offer up powerful landscapes that evoke a love of the land and spirit of place. Critters and cowboys get bathed in impressionistic sunlight by painter Kathy Meyers. And Donna Keyser paints atmosphere and light as she comments on what she sees and what is missing.

So enjoy the gifts of Sun Mountain Lodge. Have a bike, hike, swim, a meal and a stroll through The Gallery to see work by local artists who love this land. Ahh, bliss! The Gallery is in the foyer of the Pasayten conference rooms and the Gift Shop or Front Desk staff are happy to help guests with inquiries and purchases.

More information is available here.