Fat Bikes

Fat tires, very fat tires of 3.6 inches or more on these special snow bikes make riding on packed snow not only possible, but fun! It’s the combination of the super wide tires and very low tire pressure (less than ten pounds) that allows fat bikes to roll over soft, slippery surfaces like snow.
Fat bikes provide a new winter adventure.

They are a great way to stay in shape or cross-train during the snowy months. If you can ride a bicycle you have all the skills you need to ride a snow bike. You’ll be amazed at how easily they climb, how much traction they have and how easy they are to control. No worries about hitting the right wax – just hop on the bike and go.

 Sun Mountain Lodge has a new system of trails just for fat bikes and more fat bike trails are open near Winthrop – all available with the MVSTA trail pass.  The new trails at Sun Mountain are not ski trails, but rather trails just for fat bikes and snowshoes.  Check out the map

Winterbiking HR Because the snow bike trails at Sun Mountain are not ski trails, they are open to bikes at almost all times. The other MVSTA trails open to fat bikes are assessed day by day, taking into account snow conditions and user compatibility. Information on what trails are open to fat bikes are be available daily on the MVSTA grooming report . Just like a skier, a valid MVSTA day pass will be required for fat bikes at all locations, except for Big Valley and the South Spring Creek Loop. 

 The Sun Mountain Ski Shop has four sizes of snow bikes to rent that fit most teens and adults.  Rental Rates are $30 for two hours, $40 for four hours and $50 for a full day.

Fat bikes are also available at Methow Cycle and Sport located in Winthrop. Reservations are recommended for weekends and holidays.

 Fat bikers must follow these conditions of use:

 1)    Riders need to confirm trails are open for riding daily on the MVSTA grooming report.

 2)    Purpose-built fat bikes only! All bikes tires must be wider than 3.6 inches and have pressure less than 10 psi. No exceptions!

 3)    Riders yield to all other users, stay out of the classic ski tracks, and give skate skiers a wide berth.

 4)    Stay on your bike. Footprints damage the trail.