Apprenticeship Program

Sun Mountain welcomes fresh ideas, new techniques and the ability to share and grow talent within the community.  Please join our award winning team!


Sun Mountain Lodge conducts an apprenticeship program sanctioned by the American Culinary Federation and Washington Labor and Industries. Apprenticeship is a three year commitment working under a Certified Executive Chef as well as other well educated and experienced chefs while taking collage credit classes on line As a corporate model students learn through hands on experience, class room lectures, demonstrations, and field trips in a earn as you learn environment. Upon completion of the program student receive nationally recognized credentials and the designation of C.C. “Certified Culinarian.”

Apprenticeship is a proven strategy that combines on the job training with related theoretical and practical classroom instruction to prepare exceptional professionals for the culinary industry.


Sun Mountain Lodge also employs student externs from culinary and pastry schools throughout the country including The Oregon Coast Culinary Institute and the Culinary Institute of America.
Externship are conducted from May to October.



SunMt_Dining_1Education during the Fall Closure

During the closure the students were once again back at Thomson’s Custom Meats to break down our pig. We purchased 2 more from Crown “S” Ranch. Once the butcher class was over, we brought the meat back to the Lodge and proceeded with our charcuterie class.

We made saucisson, pancetta, jambon de Paris, coppa, rillettes, rolled and pressed pigs head with aspic and house-made mayonnaise. We are also attempting a prosciutto and are making duck prosciutto and bresaola with some of the Big Valley Ranch beef.

Guests will be able to enjoy these hand crafted items along with hand made mustards, relishes, and sauerkraut along with an entirely new Wolf Creek menu.