Scenic Washington State 365: “A Springtime Jaunt”

Scenic Washington State 365: “A Springtime Jaunt”

When I ask Sun Mountain Lodge Executive Chef Tyler Krost how he came to the Methow Valley, he pulls up a chair. He’s just served the main entree of our five-course dinner—“Tomahawk” slow-smoked pork chop and cedar-planked steelhead—and surely welcomes the opportunity to rest for a moment after a busy day. I dig into the tender, melt-in-your-mouth Columbia River steelhead as his story begins. Closing his eyes in a moment of silent reflection, he simply says, “It was love at first sight.”

Tyler tells a tale we’re all-too-familiar with: working in the big city, where years of battling Seattle traffic led him to make a change. Ready to put down roots in a smaller community, Tyler and his family were drawn to the Methow Valley (pronounced MET-how), whose four distinct seasons, recreation opportunities, and slower pace of life are a breath of fresh air to all who visit. Sipping local wine with a birds-eye view of the North Cascades, I can’t help but agree. There’s something special about this place.

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