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Nicky’s Blog: “Batched Cocktails To Go”

Nicky’s Blog: “Batched Cocktails To Go”

As we enter 2021, Sun Mountain Lodge mixologist Michael Huff has some new tricks up his sleeve. Michael has been working hard on providing wonderfully delicious balanced drinks for our to- go program.


Before the days of Covid 19, certain glassware defined the drink. A martini without a martini glass is basically chilled vodka or gin. But in the new era of Covid, transportable is the best option. Covid 19 has changed the appearance of our craft cocktails a little. It has only strengthened Michael’s ambition to fit the needs of our guests and provide them with an experience.


Our craft cocktails are made with the highest quality ingredients, and maintaining quality once the drink is made is of the highest importance. Fewer trips to the pickup area are also important to us. We are making certain batch cocktails save our guests time as well as money. Because of that we have applied a discount rate to our cocktails for two.


Michael’s current favorite on the list is the “Double Man-Fashioned for Two”.  “Every great cocktail should be balanced just like any culinary dish. Another way to think of balance is a marriage. So, I married two perfectly balanced classic cocktails to create one harmonious drink”, said Michael. The Double Man-Fashioned  includes a phenomenal Redwood Empire Rye Whiskey.  A Nardini Amaro that brings a unique licorice and mint aroma with a toasty caramel bitter flavor. 100 percent maple syrup, and rich chocolate bitters. Topped with a splash of soda for effervescence, and finished with Luxardo cherries and bitter infused ice cubes.


Please call the bar at extension 706 to order your cocktail from our mixologist during your next stay!

“My love for food and wine is due to the social aspect of sharing the experience with my family and friends.”
~ Nicky Krost