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Nicky’s Blog: “Notes from the Cellar”

Nicky’s Blog: “Notes from the Cellar”

My work with wine has always seemed to be a hobby rather than a job. If I dig deeper, it’s more than a hobby: it’s a passion, a lifestyle, and a part of who I am.


When I first took over the cellar in 2019, the room felt slightly foreign to me; as if I had stepped into one of our guest rooms at the lodge. I knew I needed to make the cellar my home. In order to do this, I had to get to know every label in my cellar. Was it a label I wanted to keep or replace? This was no small task as I have over 2,500 bottles in my cellar. If I am honest it is a task I will never stop working toward. Each bottle is like a book in a library; each one its own story. It has been an honor getting to know these wines, wineries, winemakers and the families that started them. These wineries put their heart and soul into what goes in these bottles and then transforms into a work of art. It is my job to admire, educate, and sell these wonderful wines.


I treat each bottle with the utmost care. I rotate each bottle monthly and make sure they have a nice slanted angle so the corks do not dry out. The temperature in my cellar is checked daily as well. Wine is a living thing – it evolves and changes. It’s my duty to provide the optimal environment for it to do just that.



We are located in North Central Washington. I believe in honoring who we are, so I  have a Pacific Northwest focus. Washington has so many wonderful wineries and 16 different AVAs, each with its own unique soil and climate. Oregon has proven to produce banner worthy Pinot; and we must pay respect to California for putting the United States on the map for quality wine! With all that being said, I had to make the cellar my home. I am a fan of history, and in my wine studies I fell in love with other country’s rich wine history. I decided to bring in wines from around the world . France has done so much for the world of wine. The more I learned about the mother, the more French wine I added to my list. I did not stop with France, I brought in wines from Australia, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile and Argentina. I believe in admiring and respecting all wine regions, for they all have their own stories.


I learned to smell the soil in the glass not just the grape. By stepping into my cellar I get to see the world with new eyes, filled with history, passion and love.


Please call me at ext. 707 on your next stay to tour the world of wine!

“My love for food and wine is due to the social aspect of sharing the experience with my family and friends.”
~ Nicky Krost