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Nicky’s Blog: Love at 1500 Degrees

Steak dinner

Nicky’s Blog: Love at 1500 Degrees

One question some have in North Central Washington is where to go for a great steak? For a long time Howard’s in Pateros was the go-to in Okanogan County. Howard’s was owned by the same owners of Double R Ranch and took pride in their amazing beef program. They sold a while back and shifted in a new direction. As time changes most things, the restaurant scene has changed with it. Smaller bistro style cuisine has become more popular. We are no stranger to change here at the Lodge; especially after this past year. One of the positive changes we are excited about in the Food and Beverage department at the Lodge is going back to a timeless, classic cuisine that fits our area.


Executive Chef Tyler Krost has put plan to action with his vision to produce a quality experience with the fewer hands he now has. It all starts with his new double broiler from South Bend.  South Bend makes industrial double broilers and are the Cadillac of the broiler world. This broiler gets up to 1,500 degrees in 90 seconds and the heat comes from the top.  Why is this important? Because when you have a highly marbled product on a grill that heat source comes from the bottom of, you risk flare up. When you have too much product on the grill and flare up happens it causes an unpleasant burnt flavor. The heat from an overhead double broiler at 1,500 degrees locks in and seals the meat.  The bottom rack is already hot from the heat and sears from the bottom at the same time. This causes the meat to lock in all the juices inside and simmer in its own juices. It doesn’t stop with steak and burgers either – you can cook almost anything in them and our Chef Tyler has most definitely tried. He tasted me on a grilled Caesar salad. The heat from the broiler seared the top of the Romaine without cooking the lettuce so the leaves were still crisp. You can receive perfectly crisp salmon skin every time and give scallops a delicious crust.  The possibilities are endless.  After days of homework, Tyler bought a small South Bend for himself to use at our home. “I got giddy and stupid and cooked every meal for two weeks at our house with that thing,” said Tyler. I can honestly say it was not a rough life. After his personal stamp of approval Tyler was able to get an industrial sized broiler for the Lodge.


Now that we have discussed our cooking method we can talk about the timeless, classic cuisine Chef Tyler is bringing to the Lodge. This starts with finding the perfect steaks. The perfect steak= marbling= fat and now we have the proper broiler to cook our high quality steaks to perfection. Places like Ruth Chris have their own cattle ranches for their product. Chef Tyler is sticking to locally sourced high quality beef with three different styles:  Dry Aged, Wagyu and Prime Cut. On his menu, he will be serving a 20 oz. dry aged strip loin and a Porterhouse for two. The Porterhouse for two is a massive strip loin on one side of the bone and a delicate filet on the other. In addition, he will be serving different cuts of Wagyu beef.  Wagyu is a strand of Kobe beef that is outside of the Kobe region in Japan.


This welcome change to our menu has the staff salivating for samples. I am personally excited for my wine pairings from the cellar that will come soon after. So please: come share the love at 1,500 degrees!

“My love for food and wine is due to the social aspect of sharing the experience with my family and friends.”