Sleigh Rides

The fresh powder crunches under your boots as you walk out to join the group for the sleigh ride. The remaining clouds overhead are parting, revealing a brilliant blue sky. The wrangler tucks you into the sleigh under a thick , warm quilt and you’re off – gliding through the snow behind the mammoth draft horses, nose tingling in the crisp winter mountain air.

The cheerful jingle of the bell-covered harnesses drifts back to you as the horses trot in unison up the hill. As you round the corner and clear the top of the hill, a postcard-perfect vista of snow-covered mountains emerges in front of you. The sleigh glides down the back side of the hill, and  you have arrived at your destination: an old-fashioned packer’s tent where you will be welcomed with your choice of a  hot cup of cocoa or a fabulous homemade dinner.

Sleigh Ride Only
Offered daily.  Includes stop at the miner’s tent to take in the view and enjoy a hot chocolate.
Cost: $17 per adult, $12 per child 12 years & under.  Reservations please!

Sleigh Ride Dinners
Offered Saturday evenings through the winter season.  Sleigh ride dinners include a hearty, Western-style meal featuring entrée, bread, homemade dessert, and coffee, tea, or milk.
Book a private sleigh ride dinner on a different night, with a minimum of 15 guests.
35 guests maximum per dinner.  Reservations please!
Cost: $54 per adult, $41 per child (12 years & under), for sleigh ride and dinner.

Call today to reserve a memorable sleigh ride for your group!
Toll Free: 800-572-0493, ext. 735 or DIRECT (509) 996-4735

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